"Your program proved to be very successful and allowed us to achieve our goals of breaking down barriers and bringing the team together. The spirit of competition took over, and the group thoroughly embraced the program. It was especially rewarding to see how certain individuals came to life throughout the competition and realize the potential that they hold. Your training techniques and creative approach were very well received and conducive to motivating the team to express themselves and contemplate the underlying lessons."

Luc E. Godard
Brother Canada
Customer Satisfaction & Marketing

"I was on vacation when the plans for the outing day were finalized. I came back only one day before the event started. I kept hearing chatter about how Hercules showed up at our office and how he told everyone that he expected us to climb mountains, swim oceans, and run marathons. Of course I dismissed these rumors and I told everyone that obviously the organizers of the event have a sense of humor. Who in his right mind will climb, swim, and run? We barely walk 100 meters a day!

The entire event pushed our physical limits. To say that we were out of our comfort zone would be a gross understatement. Nevertheless, the whole experience was wonderful. It gave us the opportunity to taunt and at the same time help each other so that the team could win. Taunting, of course was limited to the other teams and we enjoyed it. After all, we don’t get to boo each other in the office. No matter what, we had to work as a team. Helping each other was not only a gesture of consideration but it was also a necessity. It was a necessity if you wanted to win and I don’t recall anyone who was willing to be on the losing side. It is interesting and amusing to see how much people (including me) are willing to suffer only so that they can win nothing more but a medal that says 1st on it. It was great! I also found out that Hercules was in fact called Jasson. And yes, he did expect us to climb little obstacles, swim in grass (crawl that is), and run a mini-tiny-marathon of 40-50 meters. To sum up my experience; at the end of the event, I was sore, proud, and I loved it!"

Gëzim PaniInter
Digital Canada

Jasson, your participation at our recent sales meeting was a success. Your field of knowledge attracted attention and lively discussions. Your Business Athlete Training for Success was to the point."

Mel Zangwill
President - Tembec

Thanks Jasson for making my team Business Athletes. Your ability to motivate is second to none. Thanks again."

Pierre Amelotte
PAI Medical Group

"The workshop that you delivered to our people helped them quickly experience working as a team and showed them new ways to work together more effectively. Thank you from the team!"

Richad Villenuve
Hydro Quebec

“The Business Athlete Olympic Program has created magic with my team. Not only did this program benefit the employees who participated, but it also allowed me, as a Manager, to assess my team and better understand their strengthsThe Business Athlete Olympic Program has transformed my team into a powerful and motivated group of people. Their competitive spirit really came through and the groups of people who were put together at the start, emerged as cohesive teams working towards a common goal. It’s difficult to describe the power of the Business Athlete Olympic Program. My employees were hesitant at first, but they came alive in the spirit of competition, and demonstrated accountability, leadership, and team unity. It was wonderful to see the growth that emerged as a result of this program. Jasson’s approach is a unique way to create team unity. I was so excited to witness what the program did for my staff. They emerged with greater confidence and a true sense of accountability. Not only did they learn valuable lessons, but they had a great time. So much so, that they were asking for more.”

Tammy Aziz
Brother Canada
Senior Manager
Customer Service