“I have been benefiting from your personal training…enabled me to lose 10 pounds, improve my posture, appearance and physical endurance. These benefits, however, are minimal in comparison to the enormous enhancement of my professional abilities.…My ability to maintain focus and hand-eye coordination at all times as well as look after the peripherals in the operating room is vital to me and my patients’ well being…Thank you, Jasson, for your dedication to this process which, in my case, allows thousands to see clearly.”

Hugo Sutton

“I am writing to thank you for the difference our work together ha made in my life.When I first started working with you, I had not undertaken a steady exercise program for many years. I was very out of shape, unfit, overweight and prone to back problems. I had very low energy. And I was so very tired of feeling that way. However, since my work is stressful, sedentary, and requires mental concentration and long hours, I really did not see how I could find the time or the energy to concentrate on my body. Yet, in looking ahead some years to retirement, I knew that if I did not make changes now, I would not be able to enjoy the activities I look forward to…From our very first session, it was apparent to me that with your help I could make changes. After two months of training with you, I have a much higher energy level, and I am handling stress far better. In fact, after every one of our sessions, the stress of the day has completely disappeared. I am getting much stronger, my posture is improving (which I thought would never happen), I am learning how to move my body more efficiently and I am losing weight. My life has become more active, and I am having a tremendous amount of fun along the way. You are able to motivate, encourage, and remain positive in every session. You concentrate and pay attention to what is happening every minute of the session. You are a talented teacher. Your obvious knowledge of human physiology and kinesiology enables you to pinpoint what needs to be done to strengthen each area of the body. Your emphasis on nutrition and the way the body uses food as fuel is a real help, both in ensuring the body has enough energy, and in dealing with weight problems. I have been very impressed by your ability to incorporate rehabilitation aspects to training, when warranted…I am feeling happy, healthy and very hopeful that with your help, I will meet my goal of being fit and active for many years. Thank you, Jasson.”

Roberta Starke
Vancouver, British Columbia

“I was 50 years old and…starting to “feel my age”…I had issues with my lower back, my hamstrings, my posture and my general strength and physical appearance. I was the proverbial 98 lb. weakling, but aging, graying and with a pot.Over the weeks, as we worked on core strength…Jasson kept encouraging me to stick with it; building my confidence…as the endorphins started flowing, I developed a new sense of self-esteem and calmness which allowed me to drop my old depressing and self-destructive behavior and take a new vital interest in my business, my recreation, and my family.It is to Jasson Finney that I owe my new body and my new life. It is through his example, his caring discipline, and his inspiration that I have found my own inner resources which I continue to use to enlarge and enrich my life. I could not hope to find a more complete and inspiring teacher.”

David H. Byers

“In an industry where the number of personal trainers available seems to be constantly growing, all with different qualifications and skill abilities, Jasson is truly the “EXECUTIVE OF PERSONAL TRAINERS”. …I began my search looking for a trainer that would be highly skilled…although I already belonged to a health club that had many personal trainers on staff, after speaking with them and then discussing my goals with Jasson, I found there was no comparison. His knowledge and individual approach to a program for me far surpassed the others…Jasson always has a very motivating and encouraging way of progressing you to the next level…His approach is a lifestyle approach rather than a quick fix program that will not endure the time test.”

Heather David
Montreal, Quebec

“It was the luck of the draw that I met this incredible trainer and if it had been the lottery, I’d be a very rich woman…Along with his abundance of knowledge and education, comes true desire for you, the client, to succeed in your fitness goals…he is the best!!!”

Connie Hardie
Vancouver, British Columbia

“…I have received personal training and nutritional guidance from Jasson and his staff. I have been impressed with the variety of the weight training program offered, the emphasis on proper technique in order to avoid injury and obtain maximum benefits, and the motivational support to carry on. A year later…I have increased muscle, lost fat, reduced my weight by 35 pounds and lost 5 inches off my waist. I also find the workout a tremendous stress reducer after a long day of work.”

Fred Milowsky
Vancouver, British Columbia